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Since there's a lot of discussion about which is better these days, i did a random search for one new band from both Norway, and the U.S. ...i found some on Encyclopaedia Metallum's waiting list; first was Fatal Demeanor from Oslo (
Well at first it seemed interesting, just for the decent design on the page. Unfortunately things went downhill from there, as i listened to "Inside Holocaust" and its meadering, tuneless regurgitation of old bar-rock piss. The lyrics provided, of course are too pathetic to be laughable... decide for yourself:
"The silence within me
Has turned into a scream
It's my Inside Holocaust
My killing bad dream

I can't take it no more, the pain I call my life
I want to make it all stop
But I only listen to the razorblade dance"

What? this must have been written by the kid in the bunny-rabbit shirt shown in the pictures section. None too grim... looks like they're planning a birthday party or something. Also their artwork sucks, depicting roast chicken-like angels lustfully worshipping what might just be an inverted moongoat. ENOUGH!
Luckfully, the next one is eons better; Sapthuran, from Ohio/Cincinnati area. ( a solo project known as Enthralled (Patrick Hall), now with a live drummer making "Minimalistic misanthropic Black Metal art" comparable to Burzum, Graveland, Ulver and Judas Iscariot. It certainly is a good description, as the bleak depressive soundscapes created are based on simplistic, traditional rhythms, with lyrics about nature's cruelty and life's futility, Hall's low growl somewhat close to early Emperor's Ihsahn. One of my favorite tracks is the gloomy opener "A Wolf and Its Prey(instinct)" from the IN HATRED ep. the lyrics and mp3s are available and very good indeed. Also do yourself a favor and check out Enthralled, which is killer as well. So if this is any representation of the differences in the national scenes, then in my biased opinion, it's gotta be U.S.A. ALL THE WAY! Remember; "We are the most human when we hate, and when our hate is expressed in violence we become the artists of nature and the champions of our being..."

-Akhenaten (Judas Iscariot)
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