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Do me a favor

Hi everyone, hows it going. I'm here hoping I can possibly meet a few people who are not complete idiots and/or 14 year olds and get some good opinions on my band. Our name is Morionor and we could probably be described as melodic death/black metal band. I've been told we sound kind of like Bodom but not enough to be a rip. Anyways please give it a listen I'd be interested in getting some feedback about it and finding out what people think.

Our site is http://www.Morionor.com

you only have to click once from that

Post in the guestbook, be extra cool
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That sounds really fucking fantastic.

My fav of those would be: "Northern Lights".

Keep up the good work man!
Thanks for the inspiring words, ha you should have posted it in the guestbook though so the rest of the band could see what you think.
I Posted in the guestbook aswell.
Hey, if your interested in joining the mailing list for my band just goto the news page at http://morionor.com and you should see the form box on the latest entry.